Name That Bowl!

by Rich on December 11, 2017

College football bowl season is here, and while the “New Year’s 6” get most of the press, there are a large spate of bowls all over the country, with more being added seemingly every year. It’s a little known fact that the NCAA is pelted with requests every year for new bowl games and new corporate sponsorship tie-ins. And even though we actually have bowls like the Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl and the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl, there are some proposed bowls that are rejected. As it so happens, I have a “source” deep within the bowels of the Bowl Acceptance/Rejection Committee (BARC). He (or she. Don’t want to give away my “source”) has sent me the following list of rejected bowls.

The Essential Oils Dubuque Bowl (Rock Bowl Stadium, Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa) – This bowl had trouble right off the bat. First, it was just hard to get a grip on what is was about. And while the idea seemed like a good one initially, something sort of…smelled about it. True, players on both teams would be treated to special massages and vegan pilates sessions. But the requirement to have two friends come to the game, and then have each of those two friends invite two friends…it just seemed like the scheme to fill out the stadium to the point of profitability was a bit unrealistic. BARC passed.

The Legalized 420 Grand Junction Bowl (Ralph Stocker Stadium, Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, Colorado) – My “source” inside the BARC told me that there was a sizable contingent within the committee that was adamant that the application request for this bowl be passed.  They even demanded a fact-finding trip to the site to see if it was “a hip place to hang out.” Unfortunately, while initially driven to make this bowl a reality, it’s most vocal proponents quickly became disinterested and lost all motivation to move further on the motion. The meeting lasted four hours and the committee went through 13 pizzas and 2 seasons of Scooby Doo.

The GloBowl Motion-Activated Toilet Nightlight Charleston Bowl (Laidley Field, Charleston University, Charleston, West Virginia) – The BARC was tempted to flush this one right away, as a courtesy to the college football world. Representatives made a strong case for the game, however, so the committee was slow to put the lid down. However, once they realized that the game was to be played in Charleston, West Virginia rather than Charleston, South Carolina, the high-water mark of this game’s chances quickly receded, leaving only the lingering stench of what was obviously a bad idea to begin with.

Mr. Bacon’s Glacier Scented Beard Balm Tacoma Bowl (Mt. Tahoma Athletic Stadium, Mt. Tahoma High School, Tacoma, Washington) – This bowl seemed to have it all: beards, flannel, craft beers, vegan menus, and free iPhone X charging stations. Everything that BARC was looking for to get and keep it’s quickly fading post-Millennial viewership, appeared to be in place. Unfortunately, there ended up being a scheduling conflict with the host’s girl’s field hockey team, who needed the field to practice for their cross-town rivals, the St. Helen Cobblers. You don’t mess with the Lady Thunderbirds. BARC was forced to withdraw it’s offer.

That’s just a small sample of rejected bowls from this past year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for 2018, though. I’m dying to see who plays in the BaxBo Flasktie Bowl!



The Sunday Afternoon of Football

by Rich on December 4, 2017

There is a bittersweet aspect to Sundays. Technically they are still part of the weekend, but you can see Monday coming. Maybe you go to church. Maybe you do your weekly grocery shopping or laundry or meal prep. Maybe you take a day of rest and watch sports or go for hikes or bike rides. Or maybe you curl up with a good book or watch a movie. Maybe it’s game night spent with family. No matter what your regular Sunday routine is, there is a quality to it that always reminds us that tomorrow will be a work day. Back to the grind. Back to doing what we do to get paid so that we can have the weekend in the first place.

And if you’re a college football fan, we have entered the Sunday afternoon of the college football season. Sure, there are still games to be played, but you can see the end coming.

The college football season is like a weekend. The fall camps before the season starts are Thursday. You’re making plans, talking to friends about what you’re going to do. Likewise, teams are preparing, making plans. You ask yourself if you have enough money to spend to make it a really fun weekend, or will you stay home and do chores? Coaches do the same thing. Do they have the players, the talent, the staff to make it a fun season? Or will it be a season of working, preparing for next year?

The kick off to the season is Friday night. It’s a ton of fun because, even if you have chores, you give yourself at least one night to cut loose and blow off some steam. And at the beginning of the season, fans get to enjoy the hope that maybe this season might be special.

Saturday is the meat of the season. And if you’ve done the hard work Monday through Friday, been frugal with your money, and worked a couple of weekends earlier in the month, maybe you get to really relax and have fun. Just like a organization that has put in the work and laid the foundation to create a good team. All that hard work pays off and fans get to have an enjoyable season.

And then there’s Sunday. If you’ve had a good season, you’re probably excited for the end because it means a bowl or a shot at the national championship. But maybe this was a hard weekend. Maybe it was a weekend that you thought would be fun but the water heater sprung a leak and you ended up cleaning up a big mess, and so the end of the weekend is a relief. Or maybe you thought you would be doing yard work but an unexpected rain storm forced you to stay inside, so you watched movies all weekend and it ended up being better than you thought it would be, and you kind of want it to keep going.

But make no mistake about it… it is ending, no matter what kind of year your team has had. And that means that it’s time to pause and appreciate how awesome the college football season is, just like a weekend. The hard ones and the fun ones.

So do your shopping. Go to church. Finish your chores or read your book.  It’s Sunday afternoon in the world of college football. The end is near. Enjoy it while you can.

Because it’s Sunday afternoon, and Monday is rearing it’s ugly head.


Holiday Hubbub

November 27, 2017

The Thanksgiving holiday is so full of tradition, and a lot of it not necessarily involving turkey and cranberry sauce. It’s one of those long holidays, taking up at least four and a half days, that involve a lot of moving parts. Travel and food are obviously huge, but then there is all the ancillary […]

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Turkey Or Pizza?

November 20, 2017

I love the holidays. And when I say “the holidays”, I’m talking about Thanksgiving through Easter. That’s a nice little stretch and I love all of it! Well, with one caveat… I am not a huge fan of the traditional Thanksgiving meal. And a lot of the other obligations that come with the Holiday Season. […]

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Rivalries and Chicken Livers

November 13, 2017

There’s an old joke that we’ve all heard about college football in the South. You know the one…”college football in the South isn’t a religion…it’s much more important than that.” It was funny the first fifty times I heard it, but whatever. I only bring it up because we are hitting the rivalry stretch in […]

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A Leap Of Faith

November 6, 2017

Remember this: all of life is a risk. There is a common discussion around sports surrounding the art of decision making during competition. I call it an art, but really it’s a process. And as a fan, or even a competitor or coach, it’s easy to second guess that process once the decision has been […]

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Spooky Good Looks

October 30, 2017

Halloween is this week and parents are scrambling to find politically correct, non-offensive, eco-friendly, culturally sensitive (but not culturally appropriating) costumes for their children to wear. It’s a tough call and I’m grateful that I’m past that stage in life. I mean, I still dress up, but my child has long since outgrown the tradition. […]

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College Football Is A Chore

October 23, 2017

Most people hate chores with a passion, but sometimes having chores is a saving grace when other enthusiasms in life begin to fail. Midway through the college football season, there are a lot of fans turning to those chores as a distraction from their team’s now unreachable preseason expectations. But who wants to do work […]

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Failing On The Pitch

October 16, 2017

Here we are in the middle of October, knee deep in the sweet spot of sports. Multiple leagues are playing and a couple are about to tip off (literally): Major League Baseball, professional and college football, the NHL, and even golf and NASCAR are still going. So naturally I want to talk about soccer. This […]

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Funny Sports

October 9, 2017

There is a stand-up comedian that I really enjoy named Brian Regan. I’m not going to go into all the reasons why I think he’s brilliant, but I will say that I can, without reservation, recommend you look him up and watch some of his videos. And I recommend you do that with friends, family […]

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