So, what is this little blog all about? Who is this guy? Why is he writing a blog? More importantly, why should I care? Great questions. The first three I might be able to help with. The last one? Good luck.

This blog, like many, is a collection of my thoughts on a variety of topics. Everything from hairstyles to politics; sports to religion; love to cooking. While I do have strong political leanings, I do not have an agenda here that I am advocating. I am a person of faith, but this venue is not intended to convert my non-believing readers. It’s just me, my life, and what I think. What you and I might discuss during a relaxed ride in my Jeep.

My name is Rich. I live in a small college town in rural America. Although it seems to change more frequently than the leader board at St Andrews, my current job title is “air talent/traffic director” for a small, independent radio group. That’s a fancy way of saying I’m a radio host and I schedule commercials.

So why am I writing a blog? Well, over the past few years I have written and put together different types of columns and audio pieces that a few friends have read and seem to have enjoyed. It is their encouragement that has led me to jump into the blogosphere.

This blog won’t be pretty. There will be grammar and format issues. I will repeat myself and contradict myself. I will be unoriginal and ridiculous. Pretty much like me in real life. But maybe it will provide you with a pleasant diversion, or even make you think about things in a slightly different way.