Routine Football

by Rich on September 11, 2017

I’m a creature of habit. Some people call it being in a rut, I call it consistency. I eat the same thing for lunch every day, I have my 2 cups of coffee every morning. I do my weekly grocery shopping on the same day every week. Likewise, my weekly laundry, meal prep and  aforementioned lunches are taken care of on the same day every week. I like my routines. And that, really, is why I am so glad that football is back. Because even though it technically only last half the year (at best), football season provides me with my favorite, most comforting, enjoyable routine.

Football season so enjoyable as a routine because it has a cycle and rhythm that lasts all week long. And it all starts on Tuesday.

Tuesday is fantasy adjustment day. The Thursday through Monday slate of games has been completed, and now it is time tomake adjustments. Who is out this week? Who is injured? What team has a bye week? What are the match-ups? Do I need to pick up another RB off the waiver wire? (yes. Always yes.) Where do I stand in the league? (last. Always last) Tuesday is Fantasy Adjustment Day (FAD).

Wednesdays are breather days. I formulate the ideas for this column, pretend to do a full day’s work , and talk to people about things other than football. (I also check waiver wires for any last minute changes to my fantasy team, but really, that hardly counts, right?) So Wednesday is Football Breather Day (FBD).

Thursday is is the day we kick off football for the week, and it’s more involved than you might imagine. I make my final adjustments to my fantasy roster. I review local high school games. Then, football: the once anomalous Thursday night NCAA and NFL games that have become so regular that many of them are pretty decent match-ups (you might not remember that the college games played on Thursdays used to be trash games that mostly directional schools would agree to play just for the chance to be on TV. How quaint).  Thursday is Football Kickoff Day (FKD).

Friday is high school football and frankly just a warm up for the rest of the weekend. A palate cleanser, if you will.  Friday is Football Warm Up Day (FWUD).

Saturday begins early with ESPN Gameday (TV or radio, depending on my schedule). Then, it’s all day football. From the early games that start before lunch, till the After Midnight kick-offs of the Mountain West, it’s a cornucopia of football all day long. A day of food, games, friends and more food. Saturday is Full On Football Day (FOFD). And it’s glorious.

Sunday is a more relaxing football day, but no less important when it comes to the routine. Church and grocery store in a hurry, then back home to get the NFL Redzone up and running with laptop open to the fantasy leagues’ (yes, more than one) scoreboards. All that is going on in the background while I am meal prepping and doing laundry. And having a beverage. Or five. Sunday is Relaxed Big Boy Football Day (RBBFD).

Monday is the hair of the dog football day. After a solid 4 days of the game, there’s a tendency to have a bit of a football hangover. Monday Night Football is the Bloody Mary brunch to football’s weekend bender. Monday is Recovery Football Day (RFD).

So there you have it. Football season in all of it’s glorious routine. And I dig it. Because, like I said, I’m a creature of habit. And football is my favorite habit.

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