Summer Sucks (Please Come Back, Football!)

by Rich on July 20, 2017

When you live deep in the heart of SEC country, there’s no way around it…summer sucks (sorry, mom. I know you don’t like that word, but there really isn’t anything else that quite captures the absolute crappiness of the summer). It’s hot. It’s humid. There’s no football.

Ah… and that’s the real problem, isn’t it? There’s no football. And to paraphrase Bill Murray in “Scrooged”… when there’s no football…THERE’S NO FOOTBALL!!

Like it or not, football drives the bus, as they say. And here in Auburn, that’s certainly true. Not that the Auburn Family doesn’t enjoy and support other sports, but we all know the reality of the situation: football is king. Even the other coaches on campus get that. So when football is absent, we throw ourselves into all the other sports. But when the school year ends, and the college sports season comes to a close, our attention turns to other pursuits. We travel. We do yard work. We visit with family. You know… all those things that we don’t have to do when football is around. And those things are just not all that fun. Mix in the fact that this summer feels not unlike what one might expect to experience on Mars, only with all the moisture of nice, soaked sponge, and you have a recipe for misery.

Sure, it will still be hot and humid when Auburn football kicks off against Georgia Southern that first weekend in September, but at least we will have said football to distract us!

The absence of football is made worse by the fact that Auburn hasn’t had a great run recently. There’s a bad taste that Auburn fans desperately want rinsed out. A palate that needs cleansing, if you will. And this year looks to be pretty good, with the odds of the Tigers making it to the College Football Playoffs currently sitting at 7/1. Not bad for a team that won 2 conference games just 2 years ago.

So there is a lot of buzz. A lot of excitement. Very high expectations. Which normally makes Auburn fans nervous, but again, this year feels different. So maybe that’s ok.

All I know is that it’s hot. It’s humid. I’m bored, and I am ready for some football.

Summer sucks without it.

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