Life Will Out… Thank God!

by Rich on September 3, 2018


“Life will out.”

Maybe you first heard that while watching Jurassic Park or Grey’s Anatomy. Or maybe you’re super smart and did better than my half-assed internet research and know the true origin. And no matter where you heard it, or even if you are reading it here for the first time, you instantly get it. Despite it’s grammatical deficiencies, the quote instantly makes sense. On some basic level we know it to be true.

Never is that more apparent than sitting in church during the main Sunday morning service (10:30 am Mass at St. Micheal’s the Archangel Catholic Church for me. Not so shameless plug). Why?


(And toddlers. Let’s not be exclusionary.)

I remember a time in my life when the sound of crying babies or loud talking toddlers at mass made my hairs (all 4 of them) stand on end. Didn’t these parents know that I was trying to listen to the homily? That I was trying to hear the prayers? That I was trying to take in the readings and enjoy the choir? Were they deaf? Or just selfish? Or rude? Why in the world would they subject ME to all that noise! What an INTERRUPTION TO MY LIFE!

Let me pause here to say a couple of things. First, if you are one of these parents, hang with me. Second, if you have never had kids, or, like me, it’s been a while and you’ve forgotten the day to day world that small child parents live in, I’m not about to slam dunk you. So… you know… hang with me.

Seriously, it used to really bother me. I mean, that’s what the cry room is for, right? Or the nursery? Why subject the rest of us to that? And then I became convicted of two things almost simultaneously.

Mass (I’m going to use that word for church services because that’s my world, my faith. Substitute as you wish) is not a passive experience. It’s not watching a show, or a performance, or going to a movie. Mass is a call to action. To be a participant in the worship of, and sacrifice to, God. The Creator of all things. So if there is extra noise from a child, I need to remember that children are a part of that magnificent creation. And God said it was good. So maybe I need to pump the breaks on getting worked up over little Sarah Beth crying because big brother stole all the Goldfish crackers.

The other revelation I had was that these noises from children are a GOOD thing! Why? Because it tells me that there is growth and fruits and… LIFE in my church family! It’s not a group of stagnant or withering parishioners. It’s a vibrant, expanding family that God is creating RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! HAVE YOU EVER SEEN HOW A BABY IS BORN?? HOLY COW IT’S INCREDIBLE! IT’S A MIRACLE AND I GET TO EXPERIENCE THE NOT SO MESSY PARTS OF THAT WHEN PARENTS BRING THEIR CHILDREN TO MASS!

Sorry. I get worked up.

So, if you are among those brave souls that pack them up and haul them in and feel like you are bothering everyone and can’t remember one word of the homily or readings and leave with spit up on your blazer or skirt, take heart. You are a blessing to those of us without children, or whose children are grown. Sure, if there is a scream that threatens to blow a fuse or cause lung failure, maybe the cry room is an option for the next hour. But other than that, let the children come (I think a pretty import man/God said that). After all, we don’t want to stop that growth. And even if we wanted to, we couldn’t.

After all… “life will out.”

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